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Billy Bobs Country Market


Hey Everyone!!

We are so excited to announce we are up and running! We are also excited to meet you all and be a part of this wonderful community! We thought it would be a good idea to start off by introducing us! 

First off, many of you may know our family because we used to own Food Castle IGA on Cooley Lake Road in Waterford for many years, as well as Sweetwater Entertainment on Hospital Road in Waterford.


Our family has owned and operated a gas station/store and restaurant in Grand Blanc for MANY years in which we are so excited to have a business back in the wonderful Waterford community!!

Fun fact: the Waterford area is actually where we call home!🏠 

The Story of Billy Bobs

It all started with Billy - He had a vision when he saw the old Kmart and didn’t want it to sit around and waste (he has an amazing talent for rehabilitating buildings in the most incredible way!). Billy (or Dad as we know him!) went home and told his wife Kim (hi mom!) of all his visionary ideas and thus, Billy Bobs was born! 

The old Kmart building was huge and Dad knew we needed something awesome to fill the extra space that the people would love (hey Bin Street, you rock!). 💚

After a long process of approvals and all the formalities, and many, many, MANY long hours of hard work, Billy Bobs is ready to be enjoyed by all of YOU!❤️

You will see Billy, Kim, and us 4 grown kids running and working the store daily! Along with my husband and our 4 kiddos around the store, soaking up being the grandkids that get to stare at all the awesome racks of candy for hours on end🍬🍭 🤪

We take family-owned to the next level with all 3 generations being around the store and I can honestly tell you that our family is so honored to serve your family! We know life is expensive. Coming from a large family and having a large family myself, budgeting and low pricing are of high importance to us, so we pass down those deals and price cuts every chance we get! We strive to be the best quality, best price, best service, and take great pride in our work! ❤️

We can’t wait to greet familiar faces and meet new ones as we extend our store family and welcome you into it! 

Thank you!

-The Billy Bob Family


Billy Bobs Family

Why is it called Billy Bobs?

The name behind Billy Bobs is more than just a name, its reasoning is near and dear to our hearts. As Billy was putting this store together he couldn't help but feel such deep appreciation for his late father who taught him all he knows about business and life. Billy's father was more than just his Dad, but his best friend. Billy wanted a way to honor his late father in the naming of this new place, a name that would honor their relationship and be a reminder of how far God has brought him since he started his journey into the business world as a child with his Dad.


Well, you may have guessed it, but Billy's Dad was affectionately known as Bob! Thus, Billy~Bobs was born! 

The country theme played great with the words and was a fun thing for us because we kids grew up watching westerns with Dad (Billy) and now the grandkids get a taste of it too!

We hope you enjoy our store as much as we do, an ode to simpler times full of childhood memories, family, and New memories! 

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